Wednesday, January 28, 2015

American Family Association has Fired Anti-Gay Loudmouth Bryan Fischer

Juicy news!

I was watch Rachel Maddow and she reported that anti-gay loudmouth Bryan Fischer was FIRED from the American Family Association!

Watch this clip

Bryan was on Twitter saying this isn't true, but on AFA website they have scrubbed his name and pic from the spokesperson's page.

Again, so juicy!


Gene Perry said...

BF (Bryan Fischer or buttfuck, you choose) ain't going anywhere. When AfA gave him the boot, you can be sure that he took his Rolodex of supporters (and donors) with him. Give him 6 weeks and he'll have a new organization and a cheesy office in some strip mall. I'd wager that there is already wome designer out there constructing his new website.

Bob Slatten said...

Good. Bye.
Though like vermin, I'm sure he'll show up somewhere else.

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