Wednesday, May 30, 2012

NOM's Brian Brown is really for Battle, Dan Savage

Brian Brown has accepted Dan Savage challenge and took it to NOM's blog to talk about it
Dan -- I accept and will look forward to debating you at your dining room table. As I said in my challenge to you, anytime, any place.

While I appreciate the invitation that you have extended to my wife, she will not be able to attend. She is a full-time mom with seven beautiful children and an eighth on the way.

I have no objection to Mark Oppenheimer from the New York Times covering the discussion, nor to you hiring your own video crew to film the event, provided that I am able to hire my own video crew to be sure there is no creative editing of the discussion.

Not that a New York Times reporter would slant the news, mind you! :) 
This will be crazy!


This will be fun!


Bob said...

I'm already planning my Dan Savage Victory Celebration!

WilsonW said...

In truth, while this will be cool to watch. There won't be any victors. Savage won't change Brown's mind and Brown won't change Savage's and the same can be said of most who will watch and listen. Sadly most folks who feel the way either of these guys do isn't going to use logical arguments to dissuade them from their beliefs be they good or bad extreme or mild. Which is sad. There should be room to listen on both ends otherwise compromise is never a possibility.

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