Saturday, May 19, 2012

Andy Gipson is an Asshole

This f**ker had the nerve to put this mess on Facebook
Well, the bloggers and the media jumped on him like he was a hot guy at the bathhouse. Now, this bitch wants to keep talking.
Love those idiots at the end, anywho, this man needs to be held accountable. He was basically saying that we should be put to death. Seriously, activists (GetEqual) should shake this man to his core.

In other words, put the fear of Gay in him!


truthspew said...

Um, that's three verses he quoted there. Gipson seems like a complete dipshit.

I'd suggest perhaps he read something else, say The God Delusion. Because he needs to get off the Biblical kick.

Stan said...

He's from Mississippi. What can you expect?

Bob said...


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