Monday, May 21, 2012

Meet Brian Stevens, the man who's running against Stacey "Don't Say Gay" Campbell

Tennessee has been getting a bad rap lately, mostly because of the idiot Stacey Campbell. He has been known to strongly push the anti-gay message in my home state; first through the "Don't Say Gay" Bill and then his stupid remarks about AIDS and where it came from.

But now, there's someone who's really wants to knock Stacey off his mantle. His name is Brian Stevens. 

Stevens’ political platform focuses mainly on equal human rights, education, employment and environmental issues.

Minority discrimination is a serious problem all over the nation but, for various reasons, the issue is festering and growing worse in some parts of the country: Knoxville is one of them. Opposed to representing select groups of people, Stevens wants to be an ally to all minority groups and focus his campaign, political career and legislation on representing ALL the citizens of his district and state.

Stevens is constantly meeting with people to develop ideas and strategies that address Tennessee’s consistently low ranking education system. He’s particularly concerned with the rising cost of college and protecting the existing scholarship and grant programs.
Brian wants to change the negative images Tennessee has towards gays. Hopefully, he's elected to work on the mess Stacey and others have made in my home state. Also he describe himself as a social libertarian which could be very interesting down there in the South.

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