Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why some Black Pastors & Leaders are on the Wrong Side of Equality

After President Obama made his gay marriage announcement, it seemed that everyone looked to the black churches for their reaction. As some pastors shrugged it off and went about their business, several pastors and church leaders fell into the classic stereotypical trap.

 According to CNN, Obama's gay marriage support was the topic of many sermons in black churches across the country. Many of them have stated they love the president but they can't support gays or gay marriage. Then some like Rev. Dr. Emmett Burns claim they are going to stay home and not vote all. In fact, he is encouraging his church to not vote for Obama because of his stance on gay marriage. While they think they are taking a stand in the name of the Lord, they are actually take the same position as the slave masters did over 400 hundred years ago.

They used the Bible to keep slavery going and even convinced slaves that being owned was God's plan. These church leaders really need to think about this attitude they have grown so comfortable having.

I feel like they have no idea about what's in the Bible or what Jesus was truly about. Their statements and brashness show nothing of peace or love. It presents nothing but discrimination and hate. Perhaps these pastors should read James 2:1 where it talks about discrimination or Proverbs 10:12 which states how hatred stirs up nothing but strife.
But this is not just from the pastors; this is also coming from many black people. Some of them are using statements like, "My faith doesn't agree with gay marriage," or "My faith thinks it's wrong." Then, when you confront them on it, they just simply say it's in the Bible; like that's some legal law.
Well, if they're going to quote the Bible, I would love for them to visit Deuteronomy for a while and tell me if they would still follow the Bible word for word. Because if they do, they also support being put to death for having dreams that are not Godly, stoning their smart-mouth kids or being damned for having one testicle.
Yes, this is their faith, from the good ole Bible.

Black pastors and leaders, you cannot continue to be on the wrong side of history about this, and you cannot mislead our people down a discriminatory path. The freedom to marry is not a threat to marriage or your faith. If that was the case, then you should question the validity of your faith.

While you all are holding on to these archaic views, black Americans are evolving. Within the past couple of years, black Americans have changed their views on gay marriage. ABC News/Washington Post poll shows 54 percent of African-Americans support President Obama's marriage equality stance.

We are also seeing several black leaders and celebrities come out in support for marriage equality as well. So what is your hold-up? Your faith? If you are a true believer, you know that Jesus wouldn't allow anyone to discriminate and exclude a group of people in his name.

So please, get it together and evolve from these outdated mythologies you've trapped yourself into.


Writer said...

Wonder Man, check my blog for the what I posted today from Merle Davis. She is a local African American writer at the Lexington Herald Leader and she recently wrote a piece called "Gay Marriage Is Not a Religious Issue." Pass it on. :)

Immanuel said...

If I had a dollar for every black minister I've had sex with...what a bunch of hypocrites.


behrmark said...

A most excellent post, V...

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