Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Foolishness Alert: A Child sings ‘Ain’t No Homos Gonna Make it to Heaven’ in Church

This is some hot ass mess! At some church, this poor child was singing a song with these lyrics
I know the Bible’s right, somebody’s wrong
I know the Bible’s right, somebody’s wrong

Aint no homos going to make it to heaven
See this yourself

Children singing in Church to enthusiastic... by f100001838231867 Where's Child Services?


WilsonW said...

WOW! If these are the folks going to Heaven, why would anybody else want to go?

Writer said...

Just sickening. :(

Lucifer Arnold said...

Jesus Christ had two dads. All I can say is Father ,forgive them for they know not what they do.

Daij said...

it's not available anymore, but the title says it all. Sickening

Anonymous said...

Apostolic Truth Tabernacle
Pastor - Jeff Sangl
1114 Westridge Parkway W
Greensburg, IN 47240
(765) 525-9488
(812) 662-8224

Use the voice that God gave you to let them know that this is intolerable.

Bob said...

Oh the things parents can get their children to do even though the child has no idea!
I bet they cannot wait until he can carry his first 'God Hates Fags' sign!

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