Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2 Men pleaded Guilty for the attack on Brandon White

New movement in the Brandon White assault. Two men pleaded guilty for attacking Brandon back in February.

GA Voice has the story:
 Dorian Moragne, 19, and Dareal Demare Williams, 18, pleaded guilty today in Fulton County Superior Court in the brutal assault Brandon White, a black gay man, on Feb. 4 in the Pittsburgh community.  Sentencing hearing will be held in July and the men face up to 15 and 20 years on each count.

During the hearing today before Fulton Superior Court Judge Bedford Jackson, prosecutor J. Gabriel Banks said the assault was instigated by another suspect, Christopher Cain, who alleged that the victim, White, 20, made a sexual advance toward him. Another suspect, Javaris Williams, was also allegedly involved in the attack that was videotaped and uploaded to a hip hop website.

"If this case were to go to trial the court would prove that the victim was walking to 'The  Pink Store' with a friend to get something to eat. They passed these defendants [Moragne and Williams] and the codefendants. At some point … Mr. Cain believed Mr. White made a sexual advance against him. Mr. white has firmly said no he did not,” Banks said.

“The sexual advance toward Cain led to Cain being offended. Cain got upset as Mr. White exited the store and struck him from behind. These two defendants [Moragne and Williams] began to hit stomp and kick Mr. White," Banks added. Moragne was also identified as the person who threw a tire on White as he was on the ground trying to shield himself from the constant blows.

“It is important to note that was all being videotaped as they all said, 'No faggots in Jack City,” Banks said. “Clearly in the state's view this is a hate crime.”
I'm glad to see this go forward and Brandon, possibly getting some closure.



truthspew said...

The fact that the perpetrators made a video of the attack will ensure they are convicted and sentenced.

Good - I hope they throw the book at the perps.

Lucifer Arnold said...

This cocksuckers wasn't forth coming he knows why he got his ass beat. I was for him but now.....not so much.
He looks like a whiner.

That's My Desire said...

lock them up! being free is too much for them to handle!

Roger Poladopoulos said...

Let justice be done.

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