Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My List of DC Comic Characters that could Come Out

Everyone is wondering who will be the "prominent" DC Comics character to come out. It could be anyone, even Krypto for all we know.

So, I'm going to take a stab at this game by listing possible characters.

Please check out the list after the jump


Booster Gold



Blue Beetle

Green Lantern

Jason Todd


Guy Gardner

Lex Luthor



Gaspatcho Jones said...

I got a feeling it is going to be Wonder Woman.... That way No make hero will kiss another guy and boys love lesbians!

Cubby said...

Holy crap, not Lex Luthor! Making evil characters the queer ones is just another method for straights to oppress us.

I hope Green Lantern comes out. (Fingers crossed).

XandGunn said...

I'm not sure if this is confirmed, but some of the reports said it isn't a character that premiered in the first wave of the reboot, so it will probably someone who showed up after September. A lot of people are thinking Alan Scott, the Earth 2 Green Lantern. That would be cool. We already know it will be a man, but I really hope DC officially states that Wonder Woman is bi sometime in the future. I feel like Diana doesn't care about gender, just the person within.

Jamie Paisley said...

Firestorm could be a pretty darn cool pick. Lots of dual POV plot-centric ways of playing it. Nice.
If only I hadn't abandoned the DC Universe after the recent screw-ups.

Mechadude2001 said...

From that list, I think Booster Gold is the most likely.

Damien said...

I would have said Beast Boy myself...

But from the choices in the photo - I'm thinking Blue Beetle or Booster Gold - their Bromance is legend.

Rusty said...

Superboy without Tim Drake? Not in my canon. Also I think Lex coming out as Bi would be amazing, but only if they gave him a better hero to be the foil of. Superman's "i can basically do anything" powerset is so OP and boring

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