Sunday, May 27, 2012

Interesting Quotes: Robert G. Marshall

During a Tea Party meeting, this f**ker said:
"If sodomy is a civil right, do we have to protect it? Do we have to fund it? Do we have to teach it? Do we have to encourage it? Do we have to facilitate it? It is not a civil right."

"I led the charge. The assembly said no. That's what I would do in Washington. I wouldn't let a federal judge be an activist there. ... You saw me. I didn't let a state judge do it here. Did you ever see water fountains in Virginia that say heterosexuals only? I didn't. Did you ever see statements that all the homosexuals are going to ride on one bus and heterosexuals on the other? No. 

It is an insult to suggest that the efforts of Dr. Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks are in any way parallel to the efforts to do things that have been criminal for most of this nation's history."

And this best quote:
"The court says it is in certain limited circumstances. But you know what that behavior does? It cuts your life by about 20 years. It causes increased health problems. It doesn't serve the common good to promote this."

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Lucifer Arnold said...

All this old fart has to do is stay out of people's bedrooms. Judging from the picture this ass hole wont be around much longer.......GOOD!

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