Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Adam Lambert tops the Billboard Charts

Adam has made history by being the 1st openly gay singer to reach number one on the Billboard charts.

GLAAD has the scoop
Artists like Elton John and Ricky Martin would certainly rank as some of the best selling artists of all-time, but neither managed to crack the number one position after publicly coming out as gay.  Lambert himself came out following his appearance on the 8th season of American Idol, where he took runner-up. Despite that second place finish at the time, Lambert quickly amassed a hugely loyal fanbase, which helped propel the sales of his latest release.

TRESPASSING, which was released on RCA Records/19 Recordings on May 15, was executive produced by Lambert and has been met with incredible critical reviews. Rolling Stone declares that Trespassing is “the great pop album everybody was hoping Adam Lambert would make” while New York Daily News exclaims, “it’s the sound of liberation achieved.” People Magazine raves that “Lambert stakes claim for the divos on his glamtastic second set” and USA Today proclaims that it is “the album that fans have been wanting from him.”
 Congrats to Adam for making this historic effort.


Daij said...

I'm not as fanos his but i appreciate his hustle. I like that he has been successful because it means you dont have to win American Idol to be a success.When Joshua Ledet was voted offlast week, I was PISSED. But I have to realize that if it's meant for him (like it was meant for Adam Lambertand Jennifer Hudson), then it'll happen for him too.And even for Jessica Sanchez, if she loses tonight.

K. Clark said...

I'm a casual fan at best, but good for him.

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