Monday, May 28, 2012

43% of Black Gay Teens have Contemplated or Attempted Suicide

In staggering news, a new report reveals that many Black gay youth have attempted or thought about suicide.

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 Preliminary results from a blockbuster survey of black gay youth, conducted by the National Strategy for Black Gay Youth in America, reveals that 43 percent of black gay youth have thought about or attempted suicide as a result of issues related to their sexual orientation.

Released by Youth Pride Services, the report is the first of three to be released this year.
According to the results, over half of those surveyed fear or have experienced family disownment as a result of coming out of the closet.

Other statistics:
  • 22 percent experienced mental abuse related to their sexual orientation
  • 26 percent experienced anti-gay bullying
  • 11 percent are HIV positive; 7 percent do not know their status
  • 8 percent have been homeless due to their sexual orientation
  • 9 percent have been sexually abused as a result of their sexual orientation
  • 10 percent have been physically abused as a result of their sexual orientation
The survey respondents were asked to list items that would make life as a black gay youth more bearable; 90 percent listed “family acceptance,” making it the most popular item in the survey.
Hopefully, seeing more Black leaders come out in support of gay marriage will help in creating a different climate for our youth. 



Lucifer Arnold said...

To think of killing yourself is a normal thing. Doing it something altogether different.

Anonymous said...

kill is like running from the problem. be brave boys we will get through this

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