Saturday, May 19, 2012

In Kansas: A Teacher wrote in Facebook that being Gay Is 'The Same As Murder'

Jack Conkling was compelled to put his hate on Facebook for some stupid reason. The Prairie Middle School teach went on this weird rant, saying all kinds of mess.

He said:

"All this talk in the news about gay marriage recently has finally driven me to write. Gay marriage is wrong because homosexuality is wrong. The Bible clearly states it is sin. Now I do not claim it to be a sin any worse than other sins. It ranks in God's eyes the same as murder, lying, stealing, or cheating. His standards are perfect and ALL have sinned and fallen short of His glory. Sin is sin and we all deserve hell. Only those who accept Christ as Lord and daily with the help of the Spirit do their best to turn from sin will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. There aren't multiple ways to get to Heaven. There is one. To many this may seem close minded and antagonistic, but it doesn't make it any less true. Folks I am willing to admit that my depravity is just as great as anyone else's, and without Christ I'd be destined for hell, if not for the undeserved grace of God. I'm not condemning gay marriage because I hate gay people. I am doing it because those who embrace it will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven. And I desire that for no one."
And the follow-up
"Gay marriage is wrong because homosexuality is wrong. The Bible clearly states it is sin."
He also wrote: "It ranks in God's eyes the same as murder, lying stealing, or cheating."
"I wrote what I wrote for my Facebook friends who understand my heart and my intent. I understand that there were some folks who didn't understand my heart, and while that's sad, it is what it is."
The school should do something about this dude.



Lucifer Arnold said...

I want to tie this guy up and stick my dick in his ass as he is squirming.

Bob said...

A "teacher"?
My ass.
Unless it's a Hate Class.

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