Monday, May 28, 2012

Glenn Danzig could have been Wolverine, said he would've been less Gay

Rock legend Glenn Danzig revealed some interesting info to LA Weekly recently. apparently, he was actually considered to play Wolverine in the first X-Men movie.
Early in the film's pre-production, you were in talks to play Wolverine in X-Men. How would you have played Logan/Wolverine differently than Hugh Jackman?
It wouldn't have been as gay. Actually, he wasn't the first choice. They hired Dougray Scott. He had a falling out with the director, and then they hired Hugh Jackman. I'm glad I didn't do it. It was terrible.
Ooookay Glenn, I guess your tight leather pants and eye make-up made you look so butch. And to think I had a crush on him in high school.


behrmark said...

Nice bod though

Miss Ginger Grant said...

Ewe. And he's too chunky for that shirt, too!

WilsonW said...

Who is he kidding.

Bob said...

What a ridiculous thing to say.
Sour grapes much?

Judy C. Adanna said...

his mutant power is to alter (his perception of) reality

Lucifer Arnold said...

He's ugly!!

Glenn Ingersoll said...

Less gay, more camp.

Jamie Paisley said...

So, he comments on Dougray Scott's falling out with Bryan Singer while simultaneously making a homophobic statement & ignoring the fact that Singer is gay... an interesting blind spot.

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