Monday, May 21, 2012

The Coalition of African American Pastors wants President Obama to Drop his Gay Marriage Support

These fools just can't get it together. A group of Black pastors are asking President Obama to drop his support of gay marriage.

It's not a lot of them, but supposedly they are very influential in the Black community. They got together in Memphis to talk about this big danger of marriage equality.
"The group of black clergy and civil rights leaders say it is time to turn the tide against the 'hijacking' of the civil rights movement," said the Rev. Bill Owens, the coalition's elder statesman and organizer and a veteran of the civil rights movement who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King. "A 50-year-old can only read about the struggles and protests of the civil rights era, but some of us who are older have the battle scars to prove it. And the rights we fought so hard to acquire did not include same-sex marriage."

The coalition argues that there is "no legitimate comparison between skin color and sexual behavior."

The black ministers who came together represent a wide spectrum of religious and political beliefs and many of the pastors have been ardent supporters of President Obama and Democratic causes. But same-sex marriage is where they draw the line.

Owens told The Christian Post that they are "very disappointed" in Obama's newly pronounced support for gay marriage.

"We ask President Obama to stand with the black church, on the Word of God and evolve again back to the common sense biblical view that marriage is the union of husband and wife," he said.
Nonetheless, Owens said the group's goal is to stay away from the issue of whether or not the president will win a second term. "We want to stay away from the political part and stay in the realm of our area which is ministry."
I guess Rev. Bill Owens forgot that it was a gay man who organized the civil rights march and played a huge role in the overall movement.

I guess he also forgot that God's message was for all and not a chosen few.

And he should remember that slave masters used this same Godly rhetoric to keep Blacks in submission. So please, Rev. Bill Owens and the others get on the right side of this.



Bob said...

Apparently they missed the memo.

Kandake CimCiptivan said...

They need to take several seats! all of them! Let's take a count of how many of them have been married more than once! Let's also take a count of how many of their children have kids out of wedlock.

Lucifer Arnold said...

This coalition can kiss my Black ass !

EMikeGarcia said...

To be a victim of discrimination and then turn around and support the discrimination of another shows everything that's wrong with minority churches and religion these days and is the epitome of ignorance.

"Morality is doing what is right, regardless of what you are told. Religion is doing what you are told, regardless of what is right."

knight4444 said...

this guy is a JOKE!! will all the hate and racist bigoted nonsense we're suffer with in america, this worthless good for nothing POS, finds time to hate on another minority! UNREAL!! I guarantee you that this morons starts goose stepping with the GOP!! the GOP is always looking for a TOKEN! just ask allen west! clarence thomas! allen keys! condi rice!!!

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