Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Interesting Quote: Aisha C. Moodie-Mills

The elephant in the room is that the top national LGBT organizations don’t necessarily focus on quality-of-life issues. They’re working on political expediency toward equality, and we’re thankful for the work, but they’re not focused on these other issues. We can’t ignore the fact that there’s classicism and racism within the broader LGBT movement, so once the powers-that-be and the folks who hold the purse strings can resolve their own crisis with HIV/AIDS, they’re not always concerned with the people who are left behind —just as we see in broader society of marginalized people left behind. They’re not doing enough, they’re not addressing the needs of black LGBT people in general, let alone those who have HIV/AIDS.

But if we look at the demographic shift of America, we know that by 2042 to 2050, the minority faces are going to be the majority makeup of America. If we are not addressing the issues that impact people of color who are LGBT in the movement, then there’s not going to be a movement.
Aisha is talking about the other needs of our community and how they should not be placed on the back burner.

She is the advisor for LGBT policy and racial justice at the Center for American Progress. She is a big deal.



Kandake CimCiptivan said...

way to go aisha!!

EMikeGarcia said...

Such a great, powerful, and TRUE statement.

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