Saturday, February 28, 2009

CPAC is just a Meeting of Mess

The GOP is just a sorry sack of oatmeal. This week they gathered up for the Conservative Political Action Conference. At this mess, they talk about nothing towards changing the country, but how Obama is not a citizen, homosexuals are dangerous, bombing Chicago and their gun rights being taken away.

It's just a breeding ground of foolishness and hate. Hell, to me, they are dangerous
to the country. They are so backwards and unaware of the times. And why in Flo's hairdo is Joe the Plumber is there? Are they that desperate? Oh wait, they are!

Check out some clips about this culture terrorist conference.


J. Clarence said...

I watched Rush Limbaugh's speech and the earlier segment this morning, as well as brief segments throughout the week. What a hot mess!

All CPAC displayed this week was much irrelevant they are to the country's problems. It was essentially a conservative circle jerk, where they boasted their own egos.

I loved how ever ounce of diversity they could muster up they put on stage, like little Johnathan Krohn.

I loved the fact that Michael Steele the leader of the Republican Party officially was at the State of Black Union while Rush, the actual head of the party, was at CPAC.

One thing that came up strange for me was the fact that Romney won the stray poll. While a social conservative he is hardly as extreme and theatric as Palin or others.

Overall just a beautiful hot mess.

Joy said...

You creative ones come up with something CPAC stands for that will make us smile! My mind isn't working too well right now, or I'd offer a suggestion.