Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sen. Scott Renfroe Believes we are like Murderers and we should be put to Death

I don't know what's in the air or if defeat is such triggering thing, but the GOP senators are going mad.

Please listen to Sen Scott Renfroe during a debate on a bill that would give same-sex health care benefits to state employees in Colorado.

This is pure lunacy! How dare he spit out such hate as if it's just plain conversation. This is scary, y'all. This is scary because he felt compelled to say this mess with ease. People of Colorado, please hold this cretin accountable and gay folks, let's stand up against him.

I found a site that allows us to send Scotty a message. If interested, please go here

Scotty, you are f***ing unbelievable!

Thank for JMG for posting this issue.


David Dust said...

I wonder if God approves of his hatred?

If anyone would like to contact this AssHat's office directly, here is his contact information:

Colorado State Senator, District 13
Office Location:
200 E. Colfax
Denver, CO 80203

Capitol Phone: 303-866-4451


I sent him a nice email myself.


calicolyst said...

That's it. He's getting an email from me.

KAOS said...

Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing, ain't it? ;)

J. Clarence said...

Did he just try to say God is screwing Jesus and that their child is the Holy Spirit? O.o

It's the first time I have seen the concept of the Trinity juxtaposed to the nuclear family. I suppose I should give him credit for creativity.

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