Monday, February 23, 2009

Horrific Art from The Home

Bloody Disgusting has an awesome art piece from the upcoming Horror flick, The Home. I'm very interested, especially from this pic above.

Just love it. This picture is giving me so much to think about.

That's what I love about Horror...the good stuff should make you think.
Click the pic to make it more horrific


calicolyst said...

I'm guessing the kids are evil.

Sean Stone said...

And what's with Granny cradling one in her arms?!?

I'm intrigued to see this film as well.

ka-os said...

Wonderman you're *so* stoopid.

This obviously isn't a poster from a movie, it's a candid shot from inside the home of the Westboro Babtist church family.

Anyone can see that!