Monday, February 23, 2009

Bobby Jindal is worst choice for the GOP

Perhaps the worst Presidential hopeful, Bobby Jindal, has semi-sealed his fate. This asshole refused the stimulus money that would expanded state unemployment insurance coverage for the people who are suffering in Louisiana.

Why would this cretin do this? Well, he is so
worried that expanding unemployment insurance coverage would lead to increased unemployment insurance taxes in the future. But what proof does he have...NONE.

He said: "
The federal money in this bill will run out in less than three years for this benefit and our businesses would then be stuck paying the bill. We cannot grow government in an unsustainable way.” do you know that, 'Booby'. The money Louisiana has been receiving (for Katrina relief) should have set Louisiana up for financial stability. This stimulus money could get them on a strong path. But no, he wants to set himself up as a strong leader and GOP presidential candidate...And the people of Louisiana has to suffer because of that.

The people need that money! The 9th ward still looks like a holocaust and there are people scattered across the country, still hoping to come home. To deny them of that money is clearly a sh***y thing to do, Booby. This will be one of your biggest mistakes. I hope you can face your people every time you hear about businesses shutting down or houses failing into foreclosure.

But there is hope, Ray Nagin, the mayor of New Orleans, plans on taking the money and applying it to the state. And by law, he can do it:

"He thinks he's been tapped as the up-and-coming Republican. He'll potentially run for it (the presidency) the next time it goes around. So he has a certain vernacular and a certain way he needs to talk right now. I don't think it's going to impede us, because Rep. [James] Clyburn basically said if a governor does not want this money, the legislator can vote to accept the money. I told the governor personally, any dollar he does not want, we will take them gladly."

GOP, if you want to get ahead...drop Booby!


Sean Stone said...

A few governors have said that [if you don't want the money, I'll take it].

I say let him run for presidency so we can see what kinds of skeletons are in his closet that'll hopefully compel him to drop out.

Joy said...

What a douche! So much money and resources were wasted during the Criminal Bush Years.