Thursday, February 19, 2009

Carla LOVE!

I love Carla!!

Top Chef is lucky to have her. She is in the top 3 and I think she will win.

Good Luck, Carla!


David Dust said...

Hootie ... HOO!!


Allan S. said...

She is my favorite, well Fabio was, but let's not go into that. I so feel her. And, I would love to track down some of her pics from when she was modeling. Honey, she is giving you swan like neck and bone structure.

Son of Baldwin said...

Oh, I would be so happy if Karla wins because she's such a likable, mature individual.

I hope that she doesn't falter (like she tends to do when under tremendous pressure) and she nails her final dishes enough to win the finale.

The bald-headed arrogant guy is her main competition.

bunnilove said...

I can certainly identify with her: she's older, this is a second career for, and her cooking philosophy is "keep it simple".

She grew on me to be honest. Those crazy looks she'd do in the camera wore on me in the beginning.

I do miss Fabio, though...

Butch said...

She is absolutely great. Coming from a modeling background, she has shown she can hold her own in the culinary area as well.
Latest, win . . . Ham and green eggs! ha!

Ian a.k.a. Darktomahawk said...

You know, I was so not feelin' Top Chef this or last season. I'm so OVER the judges snotty bourgeois attitudes. Padma, Goddess that she maybe, really worked on my nerves. And Tom's just ignorant and rude.

That said, I actually sat down and watched a few episodes and was instantly drawn to Carla and Fabio. I love them both. Now Fab is gone, so I hope Carla wins. I hate the bald guys.

Top Chef needs a Black person to finally win the contest. For awhile I was afraid they were trying to make a statement Black folks couldn't cook "Boojee" food like everybody else, so quit watching. Carla does me proud. I would eat any of her dishes in a heartbeat.

Hasn't Carla gone further than any other Black cheftestant? Regardless of her skin tone, I'm rooting for her (but she's still my sistah girl, dammit, LOL!)