Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just when you thought Hawaii was Safe...

I'm shocked to hear this, but it's the reality.

In Honolulu, 2,000+ people at protested House Bill 444 at the state Capitol the other day. This bill would make civil unions between same-sex partners legal in Hawaii.

I always thought at the end of all the gay marriage drama, we can always turn to Hawaii. But judging from this picture and the outcries from the people...I'm not so sure anymore.

Here are some of those 'outcries'

"This bill is an abomination," said Judy Franklin, an associate with the Ministry of Brother Nathan Paikai. "It opens the door for innocent children in foster care to be taken into homosexual families — that's one of my chief concerns."

Nathan Paikai said he does not condemn homosexuals, but he doesn't believe they should be able to enter into civil unions.

"I still have family that I pray will find the love of Jesus," he said. "But now they're trying to put their uncleanliness on me, and on my children, and on my children's children. If they want to sin on themselves, if they want to do wrong, then do it on themselves."

The sad thing is, these actions and judgments are so far from what Jesus stood for.


Marker said...

I too was quite bummed out about that.

Two thousand people had nothing better to do? It's truly sickening. Fuck them.

Nelson G. said...

You should never be surprised when anti-gay Christians show up in great numbers.

After all, it's what they're told to do when they go to church each night and all day Sunday.

Our problem is that we don't all go to one specific church, or attend church for matter, and we're not monolithic.

They are.

Anonymous said...

As a person who grew up on Oahu, I'm frankly surprised that there are 2,000 Christians on the island. My time there is the chief reason I'm such a heathen today.

Seriously, the missionaries had a tough row to hoe: Here they come polluting Paradise, and the only thing they could save the natives from was the Missionaries' own diseases.

It takes all kinds doesn't it (the irony of course being that these folk don't think so)