Friday, February 27, 2009

Top Chef's Carla was ROBBED!

Her answer at the judges' table broke my heart. I will always believe Carla is the Top Chef. However, great things will happen for her, I just know it.


Son of Baldwin said...

I'ma HUGE fan of Carla's, but I have to admit that she didn't deserve to be Top Chef.

She simply made way too many cooking errors and lacked confidence in her own decision-making.

She hardly ever trusted her instincts and whenever she didn't, she failed. The worst part, though, is that she didn't learn from that. She kept making the same error of not following her instincts over and over again.

Love her to death, but I have to honestly say that she didn't earn it.

Allan S. said...

I believe she has a lot good karma coming her way. She showed future reality show folks, you can compete and do it with showing the LOVE is not a weakness.

Wilson said...

Yeah...I think Stefan more than deserved to win. No matter how much you may have hated his personality(assuming you did) he always kicked butt with his entrees! It was only once or twice (I think) that he messed up. And I think only once he was in the bottom two. But I must say, that while I think Stefan deserved to win, if I was standing between his restaurant and Carla's, I would go to Carla's simply because I like her better as a person. And I would then enjoy eating her food a lot more. I don't want to eat some mean bitch's cooking! But he was the better chef!

Joy said...

I agree with Wilson all the way.