Sunday, February 22, 2009

WHAT IF: Neil Marshall wrote, directed and produced the Friday the 13th reboot

Okay, Okay I need to get over it. The movie is done and I didn't care for it to see it again. But after watching the The Descent the other day, I thought...What if they tapped Neil Marshall to write, produce and direct the Friday the 13th remix.

So why Neil? Well, why not. His work for Dog Soldiers and The Descent is clearly breathtaking and wonderful. His ability to create fear and horror is phenomenal. The care he takes in pushing limits and challenge our darkest fears is rarely seen in today's Horror movies.

Also he's pretty good with action flicks, Doomsday was okay but still a solid film. I think that if he made F13, the action and the thrills would have been a whole lot better. I believe he would have made Jason a very dark killing machine. He would have been a scary legend in the woods, something to be feared instead of something to be giggled at (thanks Michael Bay).

Neil has impeccable vision and creativity. Maybe if the studio was serious about Jason's return, they would have chosen an artist that could have taken this reboot to the next level. Please, if you haven't seen Dog Soldiers and The Descent, see them soon. Neil should be considered for many Horror flicks to come.

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