Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We're Having a Party in Chris Buttars' Honor

Sen. Chris Buttars is dumb and truly afraid of us. This is a man who believes that we are as dangerous as Muslim radicals and... the "greatest threat to America."Love that title.

Anyway, since Buttars spoke his mind in a little documentary, he lost his
chairmanship and membership in the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Judicial Confirmation Committee. And he's catching Hell from his GOP brothers.

But not everyone showering hate on him, some folks look at his foolishness as a reason to celebrate.
Michael Mueller has co-planned a party in Jackass' honor. It will be called, "Buttarsapalooza" and it going down this Saturday on the Utah Capitol's south lawn. The event will also cover economic recession, racial injustice and environmental crises, as well as LGBT issues.

Maybe Chris will be there in full drag.

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JanaB said...

Ok. . . so first of all. . YAY! It was a true miracle that I came upon your blog! So here is the scope. . I am from Utah, and yes, I was raised Mormon and I decided about a year ago that I was ok being kind of half Mormon- there are SOOooooo many things I TOTALLY disagree with on all levels and there are a couple things that I am ok with like not smoking. . and other public health related things are better choices for a healthy life- I think that sounded like a commercial. Truth be told I used to be somewhat of a moderate GOP (now just hold on) THANK GOODNESS I went to private school, and was the only Mormon in my class and OH NO. .I was in school with the gays, the blacks, the whatevers :) in Utah. . because I tell you what. . MY TOLERANCE FOR UTAH crap is about ZERO.
I had the disgusting opportunity of interning for Orrin Hatch in 04 and loved DC and vowed to come back. My love for public health has sent me as many in Utah would think "over the edge." Guess what? I was always having sex. . and whatever- YES, there are Mormons having sex before Marriage- but DON'T TELL BUTTARS! This is what is so funny- I was always "over the edge" and never quietly.

I was the one in college who shared a room at the leadership conferences with the butch lesbian because all the Mormon girls "felt uncomfortable" WTF??? WHY??? My good friend and I just thought it was hilarious! She said to me "Do they think I am going to try and get ass from them?" I mean I cannot even express my disgust for the shit that goes on in Utah. It is DEPLORABLE. It makes Salt Lake look sooooo bad. The funny part is I don't know if you have been there but Salt Lake is 40% Mormon and 60% non-Mormon and it is fairly liberal- literally is pretty liberal, even on East Coast Standards- oh ya, I live in DC now. The Prop 8 situation nearly sent me over the edge. I simply have been mortified, disgusted. . and when I think about the money that was raised for that "cause" and how many people can't afford to pay their bills, or are starving, or what have you. . . and they are wasting their f-ing money on HATE. . oh don't get me started (well you already did)

SOooooo PEOPLE IN SALT LAKE THINK BUTTARS IS CRAZYYyyyyy!!!!!! My grandmother who is fairly conservative said it is like a circus- she is disgusted with him. She has her token gay friend (her hair dresser- God bless) and so she is pretty angry. DEPLORABLE.

I want to bring Buttars out to DC . ... I really only date black men- so I can give him a real tour-de-France of DC. . . blacks, gays, gay blacks, oh and then take him to the high heel drag race (it has past, but there is always next year. . . ) Anyway. . . I just wanted to apologize on behalf of my state and also let you know that pretty much everyone thinks he f'ed up.

You are pretty amazing!