Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bang, Bang...the Last of 3 Gay Rights Bills were shot Down in Utah

Utah was going for the gold trying to get 3 gay rights bills passed. But in the end, they were not successful.

A legislative committee shot down the Common Ground Initiative's ideas of equality for Utah. Here's the damage for HB160:

HB160 received support from couples — straight and gay — but ultimately did not win any Republican votes Wednesday. HB160, however, took hits from opponents, who said the bill was "unnecessary" and, as they argued with other bills in the gay-rights initiative, would pave the way for same-sex marriage in Utah.
The other 2 bills didn't fair well either. Some believe that the full page ad sparked too much drama and fear in the community. And others felt like it was a decisive ploy. But no worries, lawmakers who supported the bills are coming back for another round next year.

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truthspew said...

It always comes down to gay marriage. I wonder, what are the dire consequences of allowing two people of the same sex to marry?

You always hear the religious talk about this, but they never enumerate the things that will happen.

That's because nothing will happen if we're given the opportunity for equal rights.

Not allowing us to marry (Or divorce) in RI is a violation of our Constitutional rights. I do wish GLAAD (And by extension MERI) would take this into the courts.