Friday, January 9, 2015

Texas State Rep. Eric Johnson introduces a Bill to end LGBT job discrimination in the State

With the foolishness besetting the nondiscrimination ordinances in Houston and Plano, State Rep. Eric Johnson has introduced House Bill 627. If passed, this bill will end all Anti-LGBT job discrimination in Texas!

From Rep. Johnson's press release:

I am proud to file this legislation to advance civil rights for LGBT individuals in the workplace. No one should be fired because of gender - not who they love or how they identify. The people of Texas support these protections by 3-to-1, but Texas legislators are unfortunately not as advanced. Please sign this petition so I can show them that the people want this bill to pass, and share with as many friends and family as you can.

"Every Texan should have the opportunity to work hard and provide for their family," Rep. Johnson said. "Right now, the law allows someone to be fired simply for being him or herself or for whom they love. This really is a civil rights issue."

Rep. Johnson's bill contains the same employment non-discrimination provisions Milk passed in San Francisco in 1978. It would include sexual orientation and gender expression in the list of prohibited employment discrimination.

Polls show that most Texans support prohibiting employment discrimination based on sexual orientation.[5] "The Legislature is lagging behind the people of Texas on this issue," Rep. Johnson said. "We need to catch up."
I hope this works out.

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