Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Former Governor of Virginia Bob McDonnell Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison

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Former Governor Bob McDonnell has been sentenced to 2 years in prison!

Judge James R. Spencer of Federal District Court gave out the sentence not too ago. Bob was found guilty of trading favors in return for $177,000 in loans, receiving vacations and gifts from a family friend who was trying to promote his vitamin supplement business.

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The company's former CEO, Jonnie Williams, testified under immunity as the prosecution's star witness in a case that exposed the details of the McDonnells' shaky finances and troubled marriage.

In a strong but somber voice, McDonnell told the judge before sentencing that he was "a heartbroken and humbled man" and that he holds himself accountable.

"I allowed my life to get way out of balance," he said.

When U.S. District Judge James Spencer announced the sentence, McDonnell was stoic. He is to report to prison by Feb. 9.

At the trial, the former governor said he began working unnecessarily late, just to avoid his wife's angry outbursts and begged her to work on their deteriorating marriage. Defense attorneys claimed Maureen McDonnell developed a "crush" on Williams and was largely responsible for the couple's cozy relationship with Williams.

McDonnell testified in his own defense during the six-week trial, acknowledging that he accepted Williams' largesse but did nothing for him in return other than extend routine political courtesies. He was convicted of 11 counts.

Mr. McDonnell, a Republican who was once considered a possible contender for the White House, initially faced the prospect of up to 20 years in prison, but Judge Spencer lowered that range to six-and-a-half to eight years during a hearing. His lawyers, citing what they described as years of good works and commitment to public service, had argued that a sentence of community service should suffice.

While Mr. McDonnell and his family looked shocked when he was convicted, on Tuesday they appeared impassive as sentence was passed. He was directed to turn himself in on Feb. 9.
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