Saturday, February 27, 2010

Who I think could be Captain America

The news broke out about the list of actors going for the Captain America role.

And when I saw this list, I was like "meh". So, I thought I would list some guys that could fit the bill.

Ryan Gosling

Channing Tatum
Henry Cavill

Charlie Hunnam
Any others?


Damien Oz said...

I think George Eades would be perfect.

LOVE to see him don the neoflex suit :)

YvesPaul said...

John Cena? He's hot to look at, I don't know about acting though.

Mechadude2001 said...

No to Channing. I want at least an actor. lol.
Also, i gotta say no to Henry and Charlie... because when they do the press junket, there will be that obvious British Accent.

Ryan, PERFECT! He's a good actor, really cute, and would be hot in his buff mode.

Mad Professah said...

Who says he can't be Black? A buffed up Mehcad Brooks would be HOT!!

Of your captain america candidates, I like CHanning and Ryan

ToddyEnglish said...

Mad Professah I nearly passed out...Mehcad in spandex. Can we say HOT SEX ON AN AMERICAN PLATTER?

Anyway, I love Ryan Gosling! I think he is like a big old teddy bear. I'd rather him be my boyfriend than Captain

SteveA said...

Channing? No way - the guy needs some acting lessons and also some emotion as a hero.

Ryan would be good. I'd go see it b/c of him! :)

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