Thursday, February 25, 2010

Harold Ford Jr. vs Some Angry Gays

Okay, I know folks don't like my ex-husband, but this is ridic. Please watch HF at the Stonewall Dems event at NYC.

My personal opinion? This is was not cute and this may work for him. Knowing spin doctors and politics, this could be his golden ticket. Especially, when Sen. Diaz is playing the gay abandonment card. This could spin into Harold's hands.

Now, I not for the man, but I can see this being a negative tag at us.

The Power, y'all need to be smart and not stupid.


David Dust said...

Harold Ford Jr. has spent his entire political career (until about 15 minutes ago) working against the LGBT community. Therefore we have no obligation to show him ANY respect.

They should have thrown rotten fruit and garbage at the bastard.

kayman said...

Now, what will be crazy if he wins and winds up as the US Senator...

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