Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Jeb Bush plays the Religious Card

On Sunday, Jeb Bush said that gay marriage should be left up to the states. Well, that was quickly contested on social media and Jeb had to refrain his message.

This is his latest statement:
"We live in a democracy, and regardless of our disagreements, we have to respect the rule of law. I hope that we can show respect for the good people on all sides of the gay and lesbian marriage issue – including couples making lifetime commitments to each other who are seeking greater legal protections and those of us who believe marriage is a sacrament and want to safeguard religious liberty."
Religious liberty... Please.


Bob Slatten said...

Pandering to the base.

F**k him.

♫Musique♫ said...

Jeb needs to sit on some rusty nails and hush.

Damien said...

He just lost the election - even if he becomes the Republican nominee.

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