Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Interesting Quote: Cathy Lee Crosby

 Cathy talks about being Wonder Woman:

"I would have thought they would have gone with a brunette,but then I realized that the original movie was actually jointly owned by Warner Bros. and ABC. From what I understand, Warner Bros. wanted to do it more James Bond and ABC wanted to do it more comic book. So I guess it went halfway down the middle, because in a lot of ways this Wonder Woman was more like a female James Bond.

For me it was an interesting opportunity and an amazing character. I think she was capable and she had all of these great tools. She kind of had fun with the whole thing; she could do whatever she needed to do and was completely what you would think of as a superhero. She tried to right wrongs, and who wouldn't love to be able to do that? And then when you're in trouble, you call upon your bracelets or your lasso to pull you through. I loved that concept, and the fact that her enemies would try to stop her in every way that she could and he was able to meet the challenge. I think that's a great image to represent."


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