Monday, December 31, 2012

My List of The Worst Things of 2012

 There was a lot of mess in our culture this year. It was almost painful to hear and watch, luckily we survived, but we need to reminded of the mess we endured.

So here's the list of the Worst of 2012

Worst film: Battleship
Worst CD/Album: Madonna's MDNA
Worst Song: Call Me, Maybe
Worst LGBT Activist Plan: Chick-Fil-A Kiss In
Worst Pop Artist: Nicki Minaj
Second Worst Pop Artist: Taylor Swift
Worst Comedy: Fox News
Worst Person in Politics: Mitt Romney
Second Worst Person in Politics: Rick Santorum
Worst Fashion Trend:  Hipster Scarf
Second Worst Fashion Trend: Skinny Jeans
Worst Gay Place: WeHo
Worst Music Group: One Direction
Worst Network: Logo
Worst TV Show: Jersey Shore, followed by 1 girl, 5 gays
Worst Blog: Media Take Out
Worst Social Media Trend: Instagram 
Worst Person of all: Donald Trump


Bob said...

I agree on almost every point.
Well said, sir.

K. Clark said...

I still contend MDNA has some good tracks on it. But I agree with everything else lol.

Alan Scott said...

Was "Battleship" worse than "That's My Boy"?

behrmark said...

What the hell is a hipster scarf and where was I when it became a fashion trend?
My only disagreement is Worst Network being Logo; at least they tried to bring LGBT entertainment as opposed to - oh I dunno - Fox.

EMikeGarcia said...

Pretty solid list... The hipster scarf, dear god what are people thinking?

WilsonW said...

I like 1 girl 5 gays!! LOL!! Guess it'll have to go in my guilty pleasures pile!

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