Sunday, December 23, 2012

Question of the year

What was the biggest LGBT thing that happened this year?


Bob said...

I think that picture sums it up for me. That was huge .... but then seeing marriage equality pass in a few more states was cool, too.

Cubby said...

The majority of voters in three states voted to give us the civil rights we should have already had. Part of me is pissed off that civil rights are even being voted on, but part of me is happy we won.

Kyle Leach said...

Official recognition is important for our community and getting official recognition from the nation's highest office was very important for the individual fights coming down the pipeline. I know people give him a lot of flack for not doing more, but I think he'll come though for us in many more ways while he is in office.

Rusty said...

The LGBT people who got voted into the Senate and Britain casually upgrading the gay Civil Ceremonies they had available to Marriage Equality without years of arguing or dirty politics or anything else really. The majority of repsonses from the Brits were "oh that's nice...whats the difference?"


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