Monday, December 17, 2012

Thoughts... Guns and Gun Control

In my hometown, folks are freaking out about gun control. But why? Why do folks need to have so many guns and so many types of guns?

Some say it's for safety and hunting, but is it really that serious? Why are some folks only thinking about their right to bare arms, when we are losing lives because of them? Why can't we get this gun control mess under better management?

These gun needy folks have to get out of their bubble and see the reality around them. The access to guns is a problem, the ideal that guns make us safe is a problem as well. We have to wake up and see that this issue is bigger than having a full gun rack in their home.

It's way bigger than that.

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R.J. said...

I've always maintained guns are for people who don't know how to win fights with their fists.

As for having them for "hunting", how many times have one of these gun nuts bagged a bear or a deer in the urban jungle, let alone the suburbs?

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