Wednesday, December 19, 2012

WATCH John Boehner continue to Fail America over the Fiscal Cliff


Bob said...

He needs to have his ass handed to him next time he's up for election

R.J. said...

If Ohio doesn't have the decency to vote his dumb ass out of office they can secede from the Union along with Texas.

Stan said...

Every time I see him I ask myself how can the voters in Ohio elect this guy. But then I answer myself DOH! I used to live in Ohio so I should know better than to ask.

JANUARY2017 said...

Even if Boehner gave in to Obama on every point you'd still find something to bitch about . That's all liberals know how to do . For liberals complaining is like breathing .

Stan said...

I may be bitching liberal but at least I have the courage to ID myself.

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