Friday, December 28, 2012

Log Cabin Republicans take out Full Page Ad against Sen. Chuck Hagel

This is very interesting to say the least.

The LCR published a full page ad in The New York Times slamming Sen. Chuck Hagel. Chuck has been ridiculed over anti-gay statements he made 14 years ago. These statements focused on James Hormel, who was being considered for a diplomatic post during the Clinton years.

Chuck said (at the time):
"They are representing America [as ambassador]. They are representing our lifestyle, our values, our standards. And I think it is an inhibiting factor to be gay — openly, aggressively gay".
The ad's focal point is this:
“Chuck Hagel: Wrong on gay rights, wrong on Iran, wrong on Israel. Tell President Obama that Chuck Hagel is wrong for Defense Secretary. Help us create a stronger and more inclusive Republican Party.”
The reason why I find this interesting is how strong they are against Chuck. This is the same group that endorsed Romney for President. The man who signed a marriage pledge and flip-flopped on gay marriage and gay rights.

Now all of a sudden they are strongly against a man who said some mess 14 years ago? Chuck has apologized for his statements, however Romney has not apologized at all on his stance against us.

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truthspew said...

Inconsistency is very interesting in groups like Log Cabin Repugs.

Hagel may well have changed in 14 years. Put it this way - DADT is gone, you can now be openly gay int he military. So if that's the case why not in our diplomatic corps?