Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Review: "Fright Night"

Movie remakes are usually messy or unnecessary. Someone in the industry feels it's an easier risk to take rather than make something new. However, "Fright Night" hit me a little differently. While it was unnecessary remake; it was a good, solid movie.

Actually, this movie didn't have to be remade; it was a stand alone film. In fact, it could been called "The Neighbor" or something.

Anywho, here's my vague review of the flick.
  • The casting choices were good and believable. 
  • The movie moved quickly and it was easy to catch on.
  • I didn't think of 'teens' as High School students, maybe they should been college kids.
  • Colin was a great Jerry. Sexy and very deadly.
  • Christopher Mintz-Plasse did a great job as Evil Ed, but the original was and always will be the better one (I heart Stephen Geoffreys).
  • The look of the vampires was good; a nice take from the original Vamp Amy.
  • The new Charlie fit the part. Anton Yelchin did a great job with his skinny self.
  • The film went a different direction in several parts, which was nice and refreshing.
  • David Tennant stole the show. I totally LOVED him as Peter Vincent. 
  • There's no Billy Cole. 

  •  One of the original cast members makes an appearance.
  • The story was solid. Thank you Marti!
  In all, I liked it and it was fun. Go and see it. 


behrmark said...

I thought about you all weekend. I wanted to go see this but no alone. Hope to see it soon.

EMikeGarcia said...

As always, your reviews are never spoilers but are very informative and refreshing... I'm going to go see it next week. Thanks!

WilsonW said...

I know there's no Billy Cole. But didn't those two feel rather uhmmm....cozy in Fright Night.(Matter of fact didn't the Mom joke about them being gay?) Maybe that's why it got taken out.

WilsonW said...

Also Vik, did you know that Geoffreys ended up doing gay porn at some point. Hollywood don't play man! wow.

Wonder Man said...

Yes, I met him a few years back. It was an interesting time in his life

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