Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Defense Rest, Without Brandon McInerney's Testimony

Defense rest yesterday in the Lawrence King murder trial and Brandon will not take the stand at all.

Here's the story:
McInerney, 17, chose not to take the stand and defend himself against the murder and hate crime charges he is facing for shooting Larry King, 15, in an Oxnard classroom in 2008. King was wearing effeminate clothes and telling friends he was gay.

"Obviously he is confident of the state of the evidence, as are we," his lawyer Scott Wippert said outside the courthouse. "There was no need."

The prosecution is now putting on a rebuttal case and closing arguments could be heard by the end of the week.

Among the last witnesses to testify for the defense on Monday was their hate crime expert, Randal Hecht, who said McInerney was not bothered by other gay students.

"Based on all the evidence you have reviewed and these statements, does it appear to you that Brandon had a bias toward Larry King just because he was gay?" Wippert asked.

"No," Hecht said. He previously testified that the shooting stemmed from the conflict the two were having.
But Ventura County District Attorney Maeve Fox asked Hecht if he reviewed a number of things when considering his opinion, including testimony from McInerney's friend — who McInerney told he was going to shoot King — or from McInerney's girlfriend, who said McInerney told her he was going to beat up a gay kid at school.
Closing arguments could start this week.


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Anonymous said...

He's a murderer. He can't say nothing.

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