Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Diva Moment... Emmanuelle

I want to take this time to pay respect to the one diva who taught me how to seduce men... Emmanuelle.

If you had Cinemax in the 80s, then you know what I'm talking about. Emmanuelle was the main play in the Cinemax After Dark series. This movie was basically about an international harlot; but she was like a teacher for me. I learned how to seduce a couple of boys in my neighborhood (kissing in the closet or dry humping in an empty dog house).

Emmanuelle was my introduction to pretty sex. I wanted to be sexy, but not trashy. I had this weird belief that being a classy ho is the best way to be a ho (too much thinking for a 10-year old). Anywho, I loved Emmanuelle; and thank her and the movies for introducing me to sex appeal.

So here's to you, Emmanuelle and Sylvia Kristel for making her real to me.

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Anonymous said...

My way of catching a man works just fine.

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