Monday, August 29, 2011

Question of the Day: True Blood Edition


Okay, I'm alright, but what did you think about last night episode?


Anonymous said...

I felt sorry for him I didn't think he was going to die. It seems Marnie is powerful and does teleport too. Lafayette looked funny. I liked his hairdo. The door knob thing is still funny. Bill looks good in black . i love the show ,this ep was good too. Alcide is so loyal. love 'em.

Anonymous said...

I hated to see Tommy go... and why couldn't he have gone with his shirt off?

As for the rest of the storylines, I'm happy to see them all start to make sense and come around. The season finale is going to be good this year!

Anonymous said...

was a little sad that tommy's supple ass will no longer be seen, but, at least sam has something else to drive his story line now.....have kinda been checking out since last week when jesus pushed the mavis spirit out of lafayette (pretty cheesy if you ask me)...the end shot with the four vamps pulling up to the moon goddess with the music and slow-motion, extra cheese....while i love the show's humor when is plays with camp, i am feeling let-down with some of forced plot lines (personally, never felt like sookie was really falling in love with eric, anna paquin just didn't seem that convincing....and dammit, when are we gonna see some dick or pussy on the show? other hbo shows have gone there

EMikeGarcia said...

I'm really looking forward to the storylines being resolved, and it doesn't look we're going to be disappointed.

I am really sad to see Tommy go, I wish it would've been more heroic, he was such a tortured character and I think he deserved better.

Prince Todd said...

It was really GOOD!
I miss big booty Tommy. *tear*

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