Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WATCH: The Asshole Teacher of the Year defends his Anti-Gay Facebook Message

This son of bitch is Jerry Buell. He was suspended for posting a hateful message about gay marriage on Facebook. Now he feels that he was wronged:

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WilsonW said...

If he'd made similar reactions to integration, mixed marriages, womens' rights. Would any of those students feel "safe" in his class. All of those injustices were religiously justified in their times. He has the right to say what he chooses, but his job and position carries an ethical standard that has to be exemplified. His religious views have no place in the classroom. Separation of church and state and he is a state employee. (Unless this was at a private school.) How could you even trust him to impartially grade your gay son or daughters papers if you know THIS is how he feels about them.

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