Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's Hard Out Here For a Geek

This is a night out at the LA bars...

So a friend and I went out last night to a couple of bars. He made out with 3 guys for the hell of it. But these 3 guys were best friends. One of them asked me if I thought it was hot and I said... "No, I couldn't make out with someone my best friend just made out with. That's a little tacky." He said I was uptight and bitter.

Later, we met a couple of guys who asked why I was out at a bar when I had a partner. I told them that my partner hates the bar scene. One of them told me I wasn't happy in my relationship, because no one in a relationship goes out without their partner.

A guy asked if he was doing me could he pull my hair.

Another guy said that I was high maintenance. I asked why and he said because, "I look too smart."

A daddy type guy said he would do me just to put me in my place. I ask him to elaborate on that statement. What is "my place"? He told me as his bitch. Oh well.

Then this guy told me I was too young to handle him. He needs a man, not a young man. I said, "Sweetie, I was sucking cock at 14, I think I'm old enough to handle any guy."

This is my night life in Los Angeles


behrmark said...

At least you get guys talking to you. Most of them ignore me. That's why I only go with friends who won't be busy making out with - oh wait. Nevermind. lol

Anonymous said...

And this is why I stopped going to the bars once I hit 25. For most of these people it's like they never left college.

David Dust said...

This is why I rarely go out. And, trust me, it's even harder when you're 300 lbs.


Jezza said...



...I gotta admit that I've shared a guy with best friends.
They're my best friends!
I wasn't tryin to marry the guy.
"Sharing is Caring :)

I'm not much for the bar scene either but if my boyfriend wanted to go, I wouldn't have an issue with it. The guy who was putting a downer on you're relationship sounds as if he doesn't have much experience in actual relationships and is just voicing his opinion off of ideals.

As far as the other guys - it sounds like you had a lot of guys interested but they just had bad game:
- Any guy worth his balls knows you don't ASK to pull someone's hair. You just do it
-The guy who said you were high maintenance was into you but insecure
- The daddy is probably using lines that sounded good in his head or a porno but didn't have the suave to pull it off :) Getting to know you a lil before puttin on his daddy harness would of probably helped him come up with something a lil more genuine and personable
-I think you handled the guy who thought you were too young. I probably would have just directed him to the nearest senior citizen home.

Like Behmark said, at least guys were talkin to ya. The fact that you Are in a relationship means the chances of you hearing something worth chatting about isn't gonna be common as the bars tend to be more hunting grounds at night.

Mechadude2001 said...

That is a lot of drama, for 1 night.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for my empathic abilities because I run in to no trouble.

Anonymous said...

Oh, V... welcome to my highly fucked up world where I'm the straight banana overlooking all the crazy I have to put up with in order to get a little happy. Which, mind you, never happens, because let's face it, only I know how to press my own buttons, and my right hand has all the scars to prove it.

Damien said...

sorry V - im with the others - you had people talking to you

It was mindless / insulting / vacuous dribble - but they talked to you :)

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