Tuesday, April 27, 2010

(Spoiler Alert) RuPaul 's Drag Race Winner is...



Chris said...

I was rooting for Raven but she simply fell flat on the final lip sync and Tyra BROUGHT it!

robertga99 said...

Yuck! I was not happy!!!!!!!!
She did seem better in the reunion show but she was such a bitch during the show. From just being obnoxious...taking a nap during a challenge...pushing over the coat rack...and on and on.

WilsonW said...

To be fair. None dem girls really sold it. A large number of them were rejects from the first year. (Tyra not among those.)All in all, year one was better. Most of year two was just some immature mess.

If anything I guess Tyra was the Chi-Chi of the show(To Wong Foo). Started out as the loser who realizes her potential by the end and blossoms into a queen.....I guess.
I agree that she seems more up to par at the Reunion and I'm surprised she didn't address the "Keep looking to the stars, you'll never be one." shade that Raven threw at the end.
I'd still rather have Bebe remain the winner.

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