Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dave Burk gets to keep his Job

So that fool, Dave Burk, the teacher who said: 'How would you feel about your tax dollars going to pay some black fag in New York to take pictures of other black fags?', didn't get fired. Just a nice slap on the wrist.

A Geneva school teacher who admitted to making anti-gay remarks during class, will not be fired, the Daily Herald reports.

Instead, the veteran teacher will have a letter of reprimand placed in his permanent file, said his attorney, D.J. Tegeler.

"I'm disappointed and shocked," said Jordan Hunter, 17, an openly gay student who made the complaint to the school district last week. "I thought they would take it more seriously than they did. He's more than entitled to his views and opinions, but there's no reason he needs to express them in the classroom," Hunter said.

A mess, just mess.



Bob said...

Is it a class in Black Fag? because if it isn't, he needs to keep his asshat opinions to himself.

Michael Rivers said...

I wonder what would happen to this teacher had he made these remarks about any other minority? The schoolboard should be asked that.

Howard said...

This just boggles my mind. And not in a good way.

Mechadude2001 said...

Wow, so that kid is trapped in his class... with obvious bad blood between the two of them. The kid spoke out, so now he's a possible target of reprisals.
And, this "reprimand" is only positive reinforcement for this teacher. So for the next couple of years, he probably won't be as direct in his comments, instead he'll be sly with them.

And, what would the school do if he used the N word?

Kyle said...

That town and school system really let Jordan Hunter down. Dave Burk deserved to loose his job as a teacher. He isn't educating anyone.

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