Friday, October 23, 2009

Question of the Day: The Sex edition

So I thought I would take things up a notch with this question and see how this goes...

How sexual are you?

What do you like and how do you like it?

I know this is a little risque, but it's Friday.

P.S. I've been asked to share, so I will. I did in my previous "Sex post" but here it goes:

I'm sexual, adventurous and I like confident men. They usually get the best out of me.


Larry Ohio said...

"It's better to give than receive." No finer words to live by.

I'm a giver. I like to give blowjobs and rimjobs much more than receiving them. I don't dislike receiving, but giving them thrills me so much more. I think it's because I'd rather be in the active position than passive.

Same for intercourse. I'd rather top, but it's not like I have any choice in that. My husband is pure bottom so I'm stuck on top whether I like it or not. In a perfect world, I'd be top/vers and my husband would be bottom/vers.

truthspew said...

Mine is pretty similar to Larry's with the exception for rimjobs.

Wonder Man said...

I'm vers/bottom. I like to give, I like guys to be strong and confident.

They have to good/skilled and willing to try new things (That I agree to).

A guy has to challenge me and take me to the limit.

And if he has a little bad boy in him that's a plus

lelocolon said...

I am always horny problem one. And I am top always with the exception of this sex dady that I have that once in a while visits me He is the only dude that I feel good to bottoming for. And you did nor hear this from me. Yes I have bottomed, but what I like about our powesex game is that I post a challenge to him cause I am always trying to trick him into opening his back mouth for me. And he knows this and his response is always "in do time boy in do time."
Like i like to play the unrully son with him, for him to discipline me. He is forceful. Woof I like that. But over all I prefer slapping and forcing my way in.

Reggie said...

I am not going to answer this due to fact that I am a role model...

*rolls eyes and says fuck it*

I am VERY opem except with too much pleasure ans scat. SCAT IS SICK!!!!