Sunday, October 25, 2009

5 Bad Times at the Prom

Prom was such a big deal back in the day. I went to 3, one of them as a Sophomore thanks to a friend of mine who was a Senior.

But in my Junior year, I had an odd night. After prom was done, a friend of mine who lived in the middle of the woods couldn't go. He was lonely and I was madly in love with him, so I decided to go over his house.

Well, I got lost in the woods on this dirt road and ended up in a ditch. I had to walk two miles to the nearest house just to call a tow truck. Now this was in '92, so cell phones was not as big as they are today. However, walking in the dark in the middle of nowhere was crazy/exciting. Luckily, I wasn't chopped up into pieces or eaten by hillbillies.

But these folks here wasn't so lucky.

Prom Night- Wendy lost the guy of her dreams, got an asshole for a date... and then a killer comes for her

Prom Night 2- Poor Mary Lou, she was burned by the spotlight

Student Bodies- Toby's idea of dressing like a hooker lead to murder

Jawbreaker- Killing your friend will not get you the crown

Carrie- Pig's blood on a new dress = Blood Bath


SteveA said...

I remember the Carrie scene quite well from the movie - luckily I wasn't freaked out by these movies at my prom!

ToddyEnglish said...

I saw all of those! lol.
Mary Lou Prom Night 2 was so awesome and GROSS! lmao. And don't even get me started on Carrie...
Well, I can't even a tortured teen in HS I rooted for Carrie. I wanted her to kill every last person in that room.

Didn't goto prom. I spent my entire HS experience in my room.

Oneday I would like to have a party with a prom theme...and I can be king of the prom!

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