Friday, October 30, 2009

I might have to Return to NYC, Carrie the Musical is Back on Broadway!

I believe in miracles and one just happened.

Carrie the Musical is back and on Broadway!
"Carrie" ran five performances on Broadway in 1988, but those who saw it can never forget it.

It set a new standard on Broadway for camp awfulness. As Ken Mandelbaum notes in his indispensable book "Not Since 'Carrie': 40 Years of Musical Flops," it seemed as if every fiasco in theatrical history "was piled high, and 'Carrie' was playing on top of them all."

The confident producers attempting to resurrect it are Jeffrey Seller and Kevin McCollum, whose enviable track record includes "Rent," "Avenue Q" and "West Side Story."

Next month, they're producing a six-figure workshop of the musical, based on Stephen King's 1974 thriller about a teenage girl with telekinetic powers.

I was fortunate to see Xanadu on Broadway and now I may get to see this... Maybe.

I hope this can happen, because if it does, David Dust will see me soon.



Michael Rivers said...

This must just be a reason to get to NYC. Carrie the Musical. Who knew?!?!

David Dust said...

It would be great to see you.


Mark said...

OMG! I would love to see this. I love the song that Betty sang at the end of this clip. I can't wait!

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