Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Question of the Day

This woman offered folks sex for World Series tickets.

Susan Finkelstein posted an ad on Craigslist to give out her poonany for some tickets!

My question is... What item/thing would you put out for?

Me... Student Loans.



Allen said...

You know, I honestly dont know. Have to think about that. =o)

David Dust said...



Michael Rivers said...

Student loans is a good one. That would be great.

I certainly wouldn't prostitute myself for tickets to a game. I can see offering myself to certain guys on the team. But offering myself just for tickets?Taste.Less!!!

ToddyEnglish said...

I would prostitute myself for student loans and a year long all expense paid trip to Hawaii...
Also, I would not prostitute myself for tickets to a game.
Now, if Kobe Bryant had the tickets and told me I had to have sex with him--for seven days and seven nights--I'd definitely do it. Well, in all honesty I'd do that for nothing.

Forbidden Light said...

Student Loans! Where do I sign up for that trade off? I would also put out for studio equipment...

SteveA said...

No thoughts on the matter - I don't think I want anything so bad! She seems a bit nuts to do that!

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