Thursday, October 22, 2009

I read SUBSURDITY and...

If I'm not reading comics, blogs or Bear magazines, I'm reading horror novels. But I took a detour and read celebrated author and buddy, Eric Arvin's SUBSURDITY.

I loved this book!

Not because it's Eric, but his characters brings so much to the table. Each of them are not ordinary, but not crazily over the top. They are lovable, broken, complexed, sexy and troubled.

As I was reading the book, I fell in love the characters. I was curious to more about them. For example, Rick, I am so interested in his past with his ex. I wanted to know what he saw in Coby and what really kept him in that relationship.

James is also interesting. What was his life like in the army? What is his family like? Cassie Bloom and her son, Jason really intrigued me. I loved their troubled past and I want to know more about her husband ? Will his past come back to haunt Cassie? And what has Jason been up to?

I don't want to give anything away, so this is super vague. I want folks to get this book and read it! I really enjoyed the story, the peeps and the mysteries/drama surrounding Jasper Lane. I can see this as a TV series, exploring each characters' interesting lives.

And there so much more tell, Eric set this up for more stories and I'm happy to read them.

I know this was a weird review, but to break it down... I loved it and I'm loaning this book to the USC LGBT Student Resource Center. Hopefully, they will enjoy it as well.

To get this book and to learn more about the man (Eric) with the cute and innocent smile, go to his blog here.

Oh, Rick and Vera are my favorites, BTW!


Eric Arvin said...

Thank you so much! What a great way to start the morning! I wake up and read this :-) I LOVE that you loand it to USC!

Michael Rivers said...

I really enjoyed this too. I'm looking forward to the next one.

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