Friday, October 30, 2009

Wanda Sykes on Gay Rights, Obama and CPR

Wanda gives a funny but realistic view about gay rights and Obama


kayman said...

Wanda is being real about the issues because all of them aren't going to be solved overnight or within the first year. You have to look at the overall.

Kyle said...

Always a pleasure to see Wanda. I agree with her perspective. GLBT issues are important to me, but our nation has pressing problems that need to be dealt with or there won't be a nation, period. Obama will do what he can, but it is our job to make sure he does as much as he possibly can for us as a community.

Shawn said...

I would agree with Wanda if Obama were not in court saying that the government should be allowed to treat gay marriage the way it treats incest and underage marriage. He's saying great things to us while he is laying the groundwork to repeal Lawrence v. Texas and potentially allow the criminalization of gay marriage. Add to that his "inadvertent" appearance on millions of robocalls telling Californians to vote to get rid of marriage for gays and lesbians, his exultation of Rick Warren and his silence on the preventable suicides of two pre-teens harassed for being gay and we seem to have a continuation of the Bush years, not the "change" we were supposed to believe in. Obama's despicable position in the DOMA case changes the rules - we shouldn't stand silently by while he plays russian roulette with our freedom.

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